WebCardio personalizes your comfort and your environment while making your life easier

Heating /


WebCardio regulates your heating and air conditioning


WebCardio manages the intensity of your lightings between 0 and 100%


WebCardio controls rolling shutters in high, low and any intermediate openings


WebCardio turns on/off any devices


WebCardio detects and signals intrusions, fire and over limit high/low temperatures

WebCardio reacts upon your family`s activities and schedules

WebCardio brings added comfort by instantly providing your preferred lighting scenes as well as temperature and security levels depending upn your activity (evening, bedtime…)


When you leave each morning, with a simple touch, the security system is armed, the tempearure goes into economy, chosen lights turn off and shutters close.

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WebCardio modifies your environment (temperature, lighting, security, devices, shutters) to correspond with your family`s schedule..all the while saving you money.


Webcardio adjusts lighhtings of chosen rooms from the moment you enter the room.


WebCardio simulates your presence during your absence.


Webcardio sends out an email/SMS when the alarm is triggered or when the temperatures goes over/below a limit

Ease of use

WebCardio offers exceptionally user friendly features through simple and efficient commands as well as through its badges.

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Security of WebCardio

What are more important than you home and your family? A big push has been brought to the security of WebCardio. In addition to fully secured links all the way between the mobile and WebCardio, Webcardio is bi-directional and sends a confirmation when a command is executed. More security features have been added. Please contact us for more information.

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WebCardio is the heart of your home and controls all of its vital functions.


Regulate your heating/air conditionning upon your presence and the desired level of comfort


Protect youself from intruders and risks of fire


Program when they should be turned on and off.


Dim your lightings and automatically adjust lighting in passageways


Automate the management of shutters

What makes WebCardio the best value in home automation?

Automated comfort to help you relax even more


Personalized comfort

Personalized comfort and interaction with your home

Your home lives and reacts through the instructions you give. WebCardio adapts your environment according to your presence and your needs


Stay connected

Out of sight, never out of mind by a simple touch on your phone or tablet

Temperature, lighting, alarm, devices, shutters


Peace of mind

It simulates your presence during your absence

It sends an email and SMS in case of an alarm or when the temperature goes over/below a limit

For more information contact us now at (1) 514 935 3069 or info@secant.ca