The alarm system is a very important function of your Home Automation Solution; it allows keeping your family and belongings secure at all times. More than a simple, conventional alarm system, our Home Automation Solution gives you full control on the access to your residence, informs you on the events that have taken place, warns you in case of intrusion, fire, power failure, or defectiveness of some appliances, and can, of course, be connected to a station. 

With the key readers and digital keys, you will always keep full control on the access to your property. Each key has its own and unique numerical identification, impossible to reproduce, which puts you in a position to distribute the keys as you please. And, with the power of the logbook, you will be able, at any time, to know the 100 last events related to security (coming-in’s, going-out’s, armaments, etc.) which have been made directly or with each of the keys you have given away. It is very practical to control the coming- in’s and the going-out’s... as well as checking at what time the children have been back home!.. Furthermore, with the telephone interface, you will be able to remotely arm or disarm your alarm system in order to let the housekeeper or the home appliance repairman come in your house and do their job.

Besides these alarm functions, our solution allows watching your residence while being absent. Installed accordingly, with appropriate captors and detectors, our system can watch your residence, and in case of alarm, allows you to configurate up to four numbers of people to be reached. Therefore, besides alerting the station, it can personally inform you through your cellular phone, wherever you are in the world, as well as two other persons of your choice, either a relative or a neighbor, that something wrong is going on at your home: power failure, fire, intrusion, gas leak, water leak, and critical increase or decrease of temperature.

Furthermore, with its dissuasion schedule setting, our Solution allows you to simulate a presence in your house during your long absences: trips, vacation, etc. But, nothing to do with the small one-control devices that always light up the same light at the same time, and that are easily and rapidly detected by burglars. Our Solution allows you to create an effect of presence in your house, setting in motion different groups of lights, at variable schedules and intensities, on a seven-day period. Therefore, from outside, the residence seems normally occupied. Enough to trick even the smartest burglar.



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