You have explored individually the various fonctions of our Home Automation Solution which directly affect the main components that are part of your residence, that is: managing lighting, heating, and air-conditioning, controlling outlets and appliances, as well as managing the alarm system. Now, imagine that we gave you the power to simultaneously interact on a part or on the total of these functions, and this, as you please. This is exactly what the scenarios can do for you.

At this moment, in order to make your house mostly suitable to your present activities, you must make, one after the other, a series of operations. For instance, when you get up in the morning, you must turn on the lights, increase heating, and turn on the television or the radio, according to your habits. When you leave for work, you must turn off all the lights, make sure some appliances are disconnected, lower the heat, and set the alarm system. In the evening, after a day’s work, when the children are in bed, you lower the lights, light up the fireplace, and close the shutters in order to prepare yourself to watch a movie on your home cinema system. These are all the operations, and even more, that the scenarios allow you to perform without any effort.

With our Home Automation Solution, your house becomes a shooting set of which you are the stage manager. Whether you are looking for action, comfort, or intimacy, your house will obey your orders.

In order to give yourself even more latitude, you can even program the scenarios so that they activate themselves automatically according to certain conditions, like the time of the day, for instance. Therefore, at 7:00 each morning of the week, the corridor, bathroom, and kitchen lights will be turned on, heating will be raised a few degrees, and the appliances of your choice will be switched on. Moreover, you will be in better control of the costs generated by your home and, with sound management, you will be able to make interesting savings. Recent studies have proven that with better management of heating, lighting, and electric appliances of a residence, one could save up to 30% of the costs. Interesting, isn’t it?

Telling you that the only limits of the scenarios are the ones of your imagination would be a little too conceited, so let’s simply say that they will allow you to realize the set of scenes that are already part of your daily life, and probably even more.



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