Whether at home, at work, or at the other end of the world, you will always have full power on the direct controls of your residence (security, temperature, lighting, electric outlets, and scenarios) via the telephone interactivity function of our Home Automation Solution.

From any telephone, wherever you are, you will be able, at all times, to interact with the functions of your residence that are related to the home automation system. You will therefore be able, form your place of work, to start your pool water-heater in order to have hot water when you return home. From your cellular phone, without leaving your armchair, you will also be able to turn on the outside lights or even start your lawn irrigation system in order to play a trick to your brother-in-law...

It is understood that for all the operations originating from an outside telephone, a valid access code will first be required in order to enter in the menus and perform these operations. Furthermore, when these operations concern the security system of your residence, whether from an interior or an exterior access, the system will ask for a valid security code. After three mistaken trials for entering the security code, the system hangs up automatically, which assures you of the integrity of the system at all times.

In order to illustrate in a more concrete way what our Home Automation Solution can do for you and your family, here is a story told by one of our customers who avoided unfortunate consequences due to our Home Automation Solution.

In April 2001, Mr. Tremblay and all his family were out of town for the weekend, but they had left their two bernese hounds, Kelly and Spud, alone at home. On Saturday night, Mr. Tremblay received an automatic emergency call from his CARDIO system informing him that there was an over-heating alert inside his house. Without wasting any time, Mr. Tremblay immediately called back home and dialed his access code in order to have access to the remote control function of his CARDIO system, in order to try correcting the situation. But his central heating system seemed to misfunction and was not answering the orders of CARDIO. Mr. Tremblay then called his brother, who was in charge of feeding and taking his dogs out during the weekend, to inform him of the situation and to ask him to immediately get to his residence in order to make sure the dogs were not bothered by the heat. Even though he was feeling better, Mr. Tremblay knew that his brother would need at least one hour to get to the house. He decided to call one of his neighbors to ask him to let the dogs out of the house. Then, through the CARDIO telephone interface, Mr. Tremblay deactivated his alarm system and ordered the opening of the garage door allowing his neighbor to enter the house and let the dogs out; they were effectively starting to be bothered by the heat. As soon as he got on the premises, Mr. Tremblay’s brother was able to deactivate the heating system and called a repairman in order to correct the situation as soon as possible.

It goes without saying that, when Mr. Tremblay told us this story, he was released and happy that his two dogs had avoided being harmed by the heat. Without the emergency call of his CARDIO system, it is probable that his two dogs would have died that night.

We are therefore very happy that our system has saved the life of Mr. Tremblay’s dogs and we are particularly proud to know that our customers appreciate our system every day. It is now up to you to find out what our system will be able to do for you.



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