With the Secant Home Automation Solution, your home will never have been so welcoming and friendly. Imagine a little, getting back home at night, that the simple fact of opening the entrance door is enough to turn on the portico lights. That, through the same process, the closet and cabinet lights turn on as you open their doors. That, obviously, these same lights turn off automatically either after a certain period of time or as soon as the door is closed back. No more need to look for a switch in the dark or to put down your parcels in order to turn on the lights, our system will do it for you.

When, in the middle of the night, your children will wake up to go to the bathroom, the will no more need to wake you up to turn on the lights or make noise looking for switches since the movements detectors will have picked up their presence in the corridor or in the bathroom and will have automatically turned on the lights in a progressive way up to a pre-programmed level of luminosity, therefore avoiding waking up the whole household. In the same situation, yourself will no doubt appreciate the fact not to bother turning on the light and that this light intensity be adequate enough not to be aggressive and allowing you to find your way without banging your head or your big toe against a wall.

In the evening, at sunset, the lights of your choice, inside as well as outside your residence, will light up automatically, allowing you to continue attending your tasks without being disturbed and thereby highlighting your residence. You are preparing a home cinema evening? With the power of the scenarios, nothing is easier and more practical; you will easily be able to filter the living room lights, turn on the gas fireplace, close the shutters, and turn off all the other lights of the floor. You prefer to read a little? No problem; a simple change of scenario and you will be ready to read in the atmosphere of your choice.

And when time will come to take the children to bed or to go yourself, the activation of a “good night” scenario, personalized to your taste, will be able to turn off all the lights of the residence and set the alarm system. With our Home Automation Solution, will will have control like never before on the lighting of your residence and your home will become even more friendly.




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