Whether the energy costs in your area are high or not, making savings on heating costs and having a more comfortable residence is very advantageous and interesting. This is exactly what the Secant Home Automation Solution will offer you. Whether you have an electric baseboard heating system, a thermopump, CVAC or central, our solution will perfectly adapt to your house and will allow you to have better control on the management of your heating and of your air-conditioning. You will no more throw your money through the windows.

With its numerous configuration possibilities, you will have a larger latitude on the choice of areas to be heated or air-conditioned. You will therefore be able to lower heating in the less used areas of the house in order to concentrate energy in the areas where your presence requires greater comfort, and this, in a totally automatic way, depending on the time or period of the day, at your convenience. Let’s suppose you leave your house at 7:30 a.m., every day of the week; as soon as your alarm system is activated, the heating system could automatically be put into economy mode, to come back in a comfort mode at a certain moment, at your choice, before your theorical time of arrival. No problem if you come back home earlier or later; a simple telephone call and your house will be comfortable when you return.

Furthermore, if there was a problem with our heating or air-conditioning system when you are at the office, travelling, or on vacation, our solution watching function, correctly installed with all the necessary captors, could immediately and automatically notify you personnally or any other person of your choice, if there was an important change of temperature or if there was a gas leak in your house, and this, no matter where you are around the world.




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