Against the current of a popular belief, we will not tell you that your grocery order will be done automatically due to your refrigerator, or that your favourite drink will be served to you when you return from the office. In the future, it will no doubt be possible to make these operations effeciently and in an affordable way, but for the time being, let’s see together what we can really do for you, in a reliable way and at a reasonable cost.

Taking out the garbage on Monday morning, recycling on Wednesday. Starting the humidifier in the basement every morning. Starting the air-changing appliance in the evening. Starting the pool filter and the water-heater if necessary. These are only a few examples of the tasks that you must accomplish regularly. You certainly happened to sometimes forget some of them and this is normal, you have many other things to think about. Here is how the Secant Home Automation Solution can help you in your every day tasks.

With the schedule function, it is possible for you to pre-program the starting and the stopping of various systems and appliances in your house. You will no longer have to care about your humidifier, your pool filter, or even your irrigation system. Properly connected, they will obey you on a snapshot. All you will have to do is set the starting and stopping time for every day of the week, according to your needs.

With the recall function, you can enter the various activities you must realize each week and therefore get a sound recall of the in-question event at the appropriate moment. You can also choose to have a written recall that will be displayed on the tactile screen besides having a sound recall.


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