Cardio system








The CARDIO home automation system allows one to better manage the basic functions of the housing, such as managing heating and air-conditioning, managing security, managing lightings and electric outlets. It also brings more comfort and a greater peace of mind in automating some of these functions. Needless to say that a good managing of heating/air-conditioning and of lightings will allow making tangible savings.

Particular attention has been given to the level of facility in using Cardio. This system can be controlled from inside the residence (due to its tactile screen or by using any inside phone) as well as from any place in the world, which makes the residence never farther than the closest telephone

The control procedures are easy and very often identical to those used in well-known appliances such as thermostats and alarm systems.

The goal of CARDIO is therefore helping in a better management of the housing and living spaces. It will melt into the needs of its users, highlighting the residence, making it more functional as well as more comfortable.





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